Course Introduction

Platform features and note-taking

On the left hand side of your screen you can see the course curriculum! Each lecture has a small checkbox on the side that looks like this:

Screenshot showing the checkboxes on the side of each lecture

At any time, you can tap on one of the checkboxes to mark the lecture as complete.

Alternatively, at the end of each lecture you can see these buttons:

Screenshot showing the two buttons at the end of each lecture, one for going to the previous lecture and one for going to the next lecture

Clicking on the "Next lecture" button will also mark the current lecture as complete 💪.

Note-taking in coding courses

I strongly recommend that you take notes while you go along! Your notes don't have to be anything very complicated, but I believe it really helps to remember things.

Most of the notes I take when going through an online course consist of only code with a 1-2 sentence explanation on why the code is interesting.

Screenshot showing one of the instructor's coding notes with a code block and a short sentence explanation

If you can't see the image above, my note only contains this code:

from fastapi import BackgroundTasks, FastAPI

app = FastAPI()

def write_notification(email: str, message=""):
    with open("log.txt", mode="w") as email_file:
        content = f"notification for {email}: {message}"
async def send_notification(email: str, background_tasks: BackgroundTasks):
    background_tasks.add_task(write_notification, email, message="some notification")
    return {"message": "Notification sent in the background"}

And this text:

  • Not good for heavy computation
  • Simpler than rq because no need to bring in Redis
  • Can be used in a function that is executed by Depends.
  • Background task functions can use async def or async.

Some of your notes may be longer, and you may choose to expand on notes you take by learning more and doing a bit of research outside the course content. That's totally fine, and in fact it's encouraged!

I use Obsidian for my notes (it's free), but you can use anything you like!

Certificate of completion

At the moment this course doesn't offer certificates of completion. It is something we are working on, however. Maybe by the time you've finished this course, there'll be certificates of completion available.

Try out the button below to mark this lecture as complete!